Curator's Tour "Speak Now" Exhibition

Saturday, 2/16/2013

4:30 pm to 6:00 pm
FREE & open to the public

This exclusive afternoon event welcomes the community’s art collectors, gallerists, and art enthusiasts to gain insight on the concept, creation, and selection of works for the “Speak Now” Exhibition. This walk and talk tour is led by Special Projects Curator, Ralph Provisero and Deering Estate Exhibit Specialist, Kim Yantis who will share curatorial process as well as the artists reactions and interactions with our Historic site and structures.

Curatorial Statement:

Speak Now, is an exhibition of artistic interjections placed throughout the historic grounds of the Deering Estate. The open land, storied structures and intimate niches of the estate present infinite possibilities for both spatial and literary exploration. Artists will use written word, visual art and the inherent poetics of the estate’s natural and architectural treasures to create these interjections in space.

The title alludes to the urgent need to communicate with and be understood by one another. This aspect of society has never been more evident. Speak Now is a referent to the relationship between literature and the visual and performing arts as support structures for a more replete expression of thoughts.