Hurricane Andrew

Much of the natural Estate grounds, including the historic homes, were destroyed or severely damaged from Hurricane Andrew in August 1992. Hurricane Andrew was one of the most destructive hurricanes of record in the United States. It ripped across south Florida in the early morning hours of August 24, 1992. The Category 5 hurricane caused $26.5 billion in damages in the United States. The northern eye wall of Hurricane Andrew struck the Deering Estate, exposing the Estate to the strongest weather the storm packed. Standing water from the storm reached 16.6 feet above sea level. Waves caused by the storm surge impacted the second floor of the Estate’s historic buildings and caused major flooding throughout the entire property. Damage to the Estate was estimated at more than $7 million. The Estate remained closed for more than 8 years while hurricane damage renovations ensued, and the Estate officially reopened to the public in 2000. Fortunately, only a nominal portion of the historic art, furnishings, and artifacts were damaged; most were relocated to safe storage facilities off-site.