Self Conducted Tours

The Historic Homes, Mangrove Boardwalk, South Hammock Trail, and Main Grounds are open seven days a week from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm for self-guided tours.  Click any of the links below to print helpful maps and information.  Please note that guests entering the Natural Areas must be accompanied by a Deering Estate Staff Member.  If you are interested in a tour of our Natural Areas, please visit the Guided Tours for dates and times.

Self-Guided Tour: Stone House
By 1921, Charles Deering was ready to make a permanent move to South Florida and wished to bring a little bit of Spain with him. He commissioned a Mediterranean Revival Stone House to be built within the original lot lines of the Richmond property, primarily to safely house his expansive art collection.  However, one particular room wasn’t on the original blueprints…

Self-Guided Tour: Richmond Cottage
In 1896, Dr. Samuel Richmond built his home in the Town of Cutler--a bustling hub of commerce and transportation south of Miami. The community moved away when the railroad bypassed the town in 1903, but Charles Deering had his own plan for Cutler.

Self-Guided Tour: Artist Village
In Charles Deering's time, the Carriage House and Power House served as a garage, machine shop and servants' quarters. Today, emerging artists use these spaces as studios to collaborate and to create, display, and sell original works of art.

Self-Guided Tour: Mangrove Boardwalk
The Mangrove Boardwalk follows a historic coastal trail that pre-dates Charles Deering. Around 1918, Mr. Deering stabilized the trail with material dredged from his boat basin and channel, meticulously lining each side with aesthetically pleasing natural limestone. The original trail and bordering rocks are preserved beneath and alongside the boardwalk.

Self-Guided Tour: Native Flags

A participatory eco-art project by Xavier Cortada, the Reclamation Project aims to rebuild our native tree canopy one tree at a time. Miami artist Xavier Cortada developed this urban reforestation effort to engage local residents in helping restore native habitats for plants and animals. Visit twelve native trees at the Deering Estate that are identified with green "Reclamation Project Flags."

Self-Guided Tour: The Birds of Deering Estate
From the moment you arrive at our Visitor's Center, bird activity is evident on the Estate. Red-bellied woodpeckers nest in the remains of trees killed by Hurricane Andrew, mockingbirds sing in the short-leafed fig trees in the parking area, and an osprey might be spotted carrying a fish to a favorite perch in nearby pine or palm trees.

Self-Guided Tour: The Butterflies of Deering Estate
Throughout the years, the Deering Estate has been the location for sightings of numerous rare, endangered, or threatened butterflies. The endangered atala, the iconic monarch, the lively ruddy daggerwing, stately swallowtails and a plethora of sulfurs, yellows and whites can be found throughout the natural areas.  This pamphlet provides a handy guide to locating their host plants and preferred habitats.